First, Once


Figuratively speaking, first and once are synonymous. If you do it once or do it first is it the same ? While driving the other day I began to question the paradigm of this colloquialism.

You may wonder why does it matter. And I asked myself the same thing. But I became very curious to First, Once and I realized they are different. First is preceding all others in time, order or importance; whereas Once is in the past. Then I thought, got it. I have had First experiences, Once.  Are you with me?

In the filters of life we all have had First experiences Once. Do you remember ? Think about the First day of school, it happened once. The First job you ever held, it happened Once. Or even your First ever new car, it too happened Once.

Then God, who ordained from the beginning starting with Genesis, created First, Once. “In the beginning God created the heaven and earth, and on the First day, said let there be light (we know the story) then He created the Firmament.” And continued until the earth was formed…. (Genesis 1: 1-31)  His First, happened Once.  All creation, that was crafted from the One who is the First, and the Last, happened Once.  Think on that for a few minutes.

Now let’s pull it all together. Life presents all of us with the opportunity to explore, embrace,  create and cultivate. Why not use everyday, every minute with First intent, as you only see yesterday, Once.



Seize The Moment

Our lives are but a vapor, James 4:14 , poof, and it’s over. No more chances to fix it; to get to it; to say I will do it tomorrow.

Our thoughts determine our actions. And when we implement these actions we will see results.  It becomes a driving factor. For a moment, think about it. What is your primary motivator? What is it that makes you want to push beyond limits, to dig deeper and bring into fruition the actions desired ?  Do it. Dont delay.

We justify, so we think, why we don’t follow our desires. We allow excuses to dictate our actions to the point of do nothingness. Then say things like I’m too old, I can’t,  I won’t have support or not gifted enough to bring the vision to pass. Yet in this vast world there’s room for your gift (Proverbs 18:16, A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men).

Many of us know what happens when we quit,  but what happens when you don’t?  Seize the moment, daily. Put your best foot forward, why not?

In the Silence

Surrounded by silence your mind sees the fullness of thought. You are awakened to the inner voice of guidance (for me, that’s God) that otherwise is blocked by the noise of life.

My dearest love one day asked me “is the silence too loud,” and I thought yes.  It’s very loud because the issues we don’t want to confront ends up speaking loudly in the silence. Often it is so loud that self confrontation is undeniable. I mean you can’t run from yourself, right ?

In the most private moments we have to look at self. Look at the one who truly has to be accountable for that moment, that place, right now.  That place called yesterday,  that place called the past, and present. When we fail to do that we are placing ourselves in life’s repeat mode. Life’s lessons often look like they continue until we get it right.

Unscripted,  life doesn’t go backwards,  it only moves forward.  We move towards our future or towards mistakes of our past. Until we get the lesson right,  it will continue to show in different forms. Think about patience for example. That is a difficult task to master,  yet daily we are tasked to get it right.  When you’re stuck by the train; in traffic; with the kids; significant others; or at the express check out lane at the market.  Through it all I am reminded that God is continually working to let patience have it’s perfect work.

After all, life is a stage (as my loving sister says) we create the scenes, and often pick the cast, unscripted, until the final curtain call.  So take time to use the silence to ensure that your presentation represents your best work; the masterpiece you want the world to see.


Disconnected Yet in Purpose

Ever had a situation where you questioned if you were disconnected?  Why are my thoughts so far removed? Am I from a distant planet ? Who removed my voice of reason?  I mean, I have rationalized the options until options are my questions that keep my disillusionment more cloudy.  Has anyone been there, or was I dreaming?

I ponder daily why this world, this place where life is created appears to be mixed from fine granules like sand, to obstacles vast  like the sea?

We are all creators of our unscripted lives. We create the frame;  we make the wallpaper of life. How this is done depends on how we choose to view it, rose colored lenses; dark shades, or clear lens. However we chose to depict life it’s only when we allow the light of God to shine can we radiate our imperfections which make us rooted with purpose.

The Beginning

Sharing in the blog is all about transparency of life. The meaning that no one is perfect. Regardless of socio-economic status; physical appearances or self righteous entitlement.

The journey of life is real and it unfolds everyday. It’s my hope to use this platform to discuss the present, remember the past (the roots) and always know that God has a plan, He always did. We live unscripted.

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