Disconnected Yet in Purpose

Ever had a situation where you questioned if you were disconnected?  Why are my thoughts so far removed? Am I from a distant planet ? Who removed my voice of reason?  I mean, I have rationalized the options until options are my questions that keep my disillusionment more cloudy.  Has anyone been there, or was I dreaming?

I ponder daily why this world, this place where life is created appears to be mixed from fine granules like sand, to obstacles vast  like the sea?

We are all creators of our unscripted lives. We create the frame;  we make the wallpaper of life. How this is done depends on how we choose to view it, rose colored lenses; dark shades, or clear lens. However we chose to depict life it’s only when we allow the light of God to shine can we radiate our imperfections which make us rooted with purpose.

The Beginning

Sharing in the blog is all about transparency of life. The meaning that no one is perfect. Regardless of socio-economic status; physical appearances or self righteous entitlement.

The journey of life is real and it unfolds everyday. It’s my hope to use this platform to discuss the present, remember the past (the roots) and always know that God has a plan, He always did. We live unscripted.

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