Focus During COVID-19

There is a reality that we are facing right now and it is that we are in the midst of something different. To have our lives placed at semi pause as we try to understand what is happening as we see this Global pandemic unfold.

What has happened across the world to impact so many people, it knows no boundary; demographics are broken barriers and culturally it has no preference.

Our first reaction is to panic, to have fear over the unknown and to go into fight or flight response which occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack or threat to survival. We have seen this through the many stores we have visited where there is no “toilet tissue,” and no “sanitizers.” And if you were to ask someone why that it is, they really could only say that they saw the shortage (as I heard on the news) and felt a need to protect themselves and their families.

I mean I get it, I really do. We are in a crisis. Yet, I want to encourage each of you to FOCUS. Put your 20/20 vision on and look at what you can control. Surely we know that if anyone of us could end this, it would have never started. But now that we are here how do we manage? I want to offer you these tips.

1. Stay In as we are told by the executive orders.

2. Stay prayerful and believe that God hears your request (Psalms 91).

3. Practice the requirements issued by our government as it relates to social distancing and sanitization.

4. Try something new while you are confined. Make a new meal, create a new plan for self improvement.

5. Grab that dusty book off the shelf that you said you wish you had time to read and start.

6. Workout while you are indoors. Do isometrics if you don’t have weights or a gym at home. Do sit up and push ups. Walk from room to room. Trust me it is better than sitting and eating all those cookies.

7. Learn a new word everyday to increase your vocabulary.

8. Make sure that you send love to your family and friends, everyday.

This list could go on and on, but if your start these I am sure you will create a more personalized way to stay focused during this time. It is so important that you don’t become boggled down by the restrictions. Especially in your mind. Physically we cannot do what we once did, but mentally we are free to create and become what we place in our minds. Then we can look back later and see that good did come from a bad situation.

May each of you find strength and I pray safety over you and your family.

Is the Silence too Loud?

Check out my YouTube channel: Silence the chatter. It is about inspiration and giving our listeners a place to lift up the inner spirit and find enlightenment within your day. But what is it about the silence that no one wants to dwell? Oftentimes silence is a really good answer to all that you seek. When you take the time to block out the chatter and truly get deep within you, the answers you seek can be found. So today I ask you is the Silence too Loud? Embrace it and grow!

Leaving A Legacy

Toni Hollis - Rooted For Purpose

A wise man leaves an inheritance for his childrens children, Proverbs 13:22.

All my life, no not really, ONLY since I have come to know the Lord as my personal Savior, I  have spoken life into my children, those I encounter, to position themselves for legacy.  To leave a legacy for the next generation to follow.  Each decade of life should be purposed with a renewed since of who you are and Who’s you are.  Getting stronger and stronger. If we position ourselves to become the reflection of destiny; deeply rooted for the stage of life that we are in, we find ourselves able to develop the offspring or the branches that can be further extended within our families and within our Communities.

Each and every vessel or vein travels on its pathway  to another destination that once it has travelled it shall accomplish that which it was sent to…

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Clearer (Thoughts)

It is the start of a new decade, 2020. The start of a New Year. We all want something to change. To release old habits; affirm new ones and be positioned for greater.

The problem with that is we will not change our actions until we change our thoughts. When our thoughts are filled with dimmer hopes; broken dreams and shattered vision it restricts our position to move. We are held hostage to what we think, even if we don’t see it. Self doubt comes when we say I think I should, and at the same we say, I am too busy; too old or not capable because I don’t have the right contacts or the smarts to pull that thing (whatever you are delaying) off. We internalize the ying and yang of opportunity by what we think (those thoughts).

Self limitation is like stress, it is a silent killer of your hopes. A destructive force to your operable actions and a taser to your walk in pursuance of vision. Your thoughts when not apprehended for fruitfulness or increase will take the path of least resistance towards limited effort. You must keep the Giddy in your Up – ward thinking. This assures you a place of elevation, a place of jubilation as you see over the circumstances that distract your purpose. You may wonder why this is necessary and I can only tell you this; everything that is down eventually must come up. Seeds planted sprout up, towards the earth to create beauty or nourish life. Mountains, trees, and fountains spring up to allow the partakers a moment of refreshing. And in each of these life happens.

Up-ward thinking allows your life to happen. To be the extension of that well that springs within you. Up-ward brings clarity into view. Just like the eagle who continues to take on higher elevations to come out of the storms. Yes, you can stay low, and neutral, but what does that give you? If all it takes is for you to reposition yourself towards positive thoughts, what do you think can happen? You might just go for that executive position; or for that promotion on your job; or you may even decide to author that book; or take your first flight to that dream destination that you have delayed. You might just begin to experience life in a way you thought (that word) was not possible. Or maybe you can meet people, new faces and races, that you thought (that word, again) were so different from you. And you just might gain a new view of you. Imagine that. To discover a new you who is adventurous, exciting and free to life the life you were meant.

Why not have clearer thoughts starting today. It might just allow you to see life differently; inherently, beautiful.

The Journey

The road that we take is long and sometimes difficult. What is life without the ups and downs or the trials that come. It is said that what does not kill you makes you stronger; and I’d like to add that what does not kill you can also make you bitter and will lead you to revenge. I laugh at that because it is so true. If stronger is the outcome, I’d like to see the conversion factor. I guarantee that many will attest to becoming a whole lot when life serves banana peels and cheap thrills, but strength is not what one perceives.

One can see that slipping on a banana peel would not immediately create the thought of “strength” but pain. And truthfully embarrassment and a feeling of disgust. It is like life cliché’s become oxymoron’s for us to later align for ourselves. Also as if we are being tested to choose what is truth, false or just that, words with little to no meaning.

Yet life’s lessons are intended to strengthen you; to create in you the ability to overcome hardships (or what I will call heart-ships cause stuff really can hurt). Think about it, circumstances can hurt more that once too, even if you’ve experienced it before, you cannot say oh that hurt me once and I won’t let it happen again. Because if you think about it, fall and get hurt on your knee, does that mean you won’t hurt in the same spot if you fall again? Or love someone, get hurt or even fall out of love, meet someone else, does that mean you cannot hurt? No, each encounter creates another level of pain. Now what lessons you do carry relate more to the “how” of the encounter and potentially how you can prevent the fall or actions that led to the relationship breakdown.

I don’t know maybe I ponder to deeply to understand consciousness of life, why things happen or even it’s highs and lows. Or maybe in my solitude I find it difficult to embrace what all of life really means. In general I think people are looking for meaning, trying to juxtapose the message of ying and yang. Albeit to me to decide or just wonder further into the expression of my finger tips (writings) as I seek the meaning of what my purpose is within the dash.

I do seek a higher truth in what is spirituality in all things. I look to what has become to me more real than belief of anything else, in what I call the one and only living God. The creator, the one who has allowed me the expression of who He is to me in my voice, through my words and in my deeds.

Yes, life can be a mystery full of questions, and sometimes very few satisfiable answers. With banana peels and sugar hills (peeks and valleys) set to teach us the value of a moment, the value of a season, the value of a minute collected through time so that we can see the contrast; good, bad, ugly or indifferent all things comes for us to appreciate all that we have in the Journey.

Rootedforpurpose, because we all are.

Time Flies

Amazing how I started blogging almost a year ago and was writing everyday. Amazing how time flies and your thoughts drift away, but where? Writing is not something that you can just do when you are in thought, it is something for me that’s spontaneous; something that happens out of the blue;  something that happens when you least expect it; something that happens when you are thinking and want to dispose the thought; something that happens when you are in thought but yet you’re not sure if you’re willing to share these thoughts; it’s something that happened as I looked back at my blog this morning and noticed that it’s been almost 2 months since I’ve had anything to say. Does that mean that I was thoughtless?  Does that mean that I didn’t have anything I want to share, or did it mean that I was just not in the mood to write? How is this possible when I love writing? How is it that 8 weeks have past and I’ve been in this abyss of silence towards writing with no thought of my own other than to take each day and walk it through. No interruptions, because time flies.

My thoughts are living in my writing, so I ask myself why not sit down and transcribe it. To not sit down and share it restricts; to give the readers who visit my site and share in the most private parts my thoughts, but time flies.  So how do you share what you hope will appeal to the masses? How do you continue to share when you don’t have any indicator outside of an occasional like? That gives just enough to drive you to a public screen of written release, but you wanna know that your words make impact; you wanna know that your words changes lives; you wanna know that your words are seed that’s creating opportunity and thought; transference of energy, enough that’s going to trigger a point of change; trigger a point of redirection or even trigger a point of meditation towards that which is something greater; something more than what you can imagine, but yet I haven’t wrote because time flies.  Yet in this world,  each and every day there are mini connections of energy; mini connections that trigger other opportunities that otherwise may not take place, yet our energy can’t stop time. Time flies.

We think sometimes that life just is what we make it, but there are forces greater than the we, what we live each day, because when we wake up there’s an opportunity to cultivate, to renew, to recharge, to restore, to reinvent yet we hold on to the reminders of our past. Time flies. Why do we do that? Why can’t we start today with the forward thought, I will value my time because we don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring, so start today with a forward thought of living your dreams, of loving those you care about because time flies.

Determine the way is that you want to start for that day releases yesterday. You must determine what it is that you want to start today for tomorrow. And on this day being Friday, May the 11th,  I am going to take my own words and put one leg in front of the other forgetting those things that are behind me and press towards the mark which is the high calling in Christ Jesus, and the high calling that we should set for ourselves because time flies.

Well I guess the jibber jabber of my words will penetrate the heart of each and every person reading to know that as they start to move towards a greater good, a brighter day will come because you are choosing this day to make it the best day of your life. Each day starts with the lesson of the past, as time flies and tomorrow is not promised, cause time flies, but TODAY is the present, and we should treat it as such and go for all that we know because our lives depend on it because time flies.

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Michigan’s weather is notorious for being unpredictable and forever changing. During this winter season our roads become very difficult to drive due to the major potholes, craters, deep holes, natures speed bumps.  These road conditions cause major catastrophes for many drivers.


I’m sitting at the tire stop because I happen to drive over multiple pot holes on Mound road that created a major blow out on my vehicle and it is because of this that I’m seeing the multitude of vehicles that come into this lot, all riding in on a spare tires. Keep in mind that every vehicle purchased comes with four good wheels; four solid wheels that are built to print for the overall weight of the vehicle, model, durability, brand, you name it, the vehicle is equipped.

The manufacturer knew that the potential was there for even the best rubber to hit a point of weakness where a spare was going to be needed. In that same vein with life, God being the Chief manufacture of our lives; physical bodies,  of our spirit, of our souls, and of our minds,  He knew that in life there were going to be some potholes. Those potholes are not permanent,  they are temporary.  While it is unpredictable as to when the spare is needed on a tire, God through His son Jesus Christ equips us and  cover us through every unpredictable storm. In these times we are able to call on the blood of Jesus, our strongtower and soar onto a whole new level, over the storms, as the eagle.

Through His Holy Spirit we have the infilling needed to cover any hole in our lives. Hurt, rejection, isolation, pain, loneliness or bitterness, you call out what your pothole is and let God fill it. Just like a spare, we can stand on God’s word when we need it. God is always available and always on time.

Do you have your spare today?  Is your spare full of the word, able to be placed in your daily life?  Just like a car, if your spear is not FILLED, or not functioning right,  it’s not prepared for the unknown bumps in the road. It cannot be used. You’re carrying it around with no function or ability. And it’s same with the word of God.  You have to know it, and believe in it and use it for it to flow out of you.

We all need to be reminded that seasons change. Are you ready to pull out your spare? If not, seek God so you can be prepared for the potholes of life through the infilling of God’s word.

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Transitions happen every day.  You transition from sitting to standing, from walking to running, from love to hate. Transitions are part of life,  part of the proverbial transcending presence of time. One who lives without transition, has transitioned as they (or it, as transition is applicable to all life forms) cease to exist. But what would life be like if we didn’t have transition? From Winter to Spring, from Summer to Fall all interwovened to the beautification of  life as seen during the seasons. From the extreme seasonal sedulous shift, year after year, we live our transitions.

What would life be like without transition? In Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 the Bible clearly states that life is all about transition:

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot, a time to kill and a time to heal, a time to tear down and a time to build, a time to weep and a time to laugh,  a time to mourn and a time to dance, a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them, a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing, a time to search and a time to give up, a time to keep and a time to throw away, a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak, a time to love and a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace. 

Wow, imagine that, a time for everything under the sun meaning that nothing’s new,  everything has repeated itself.  Transitions are timelines that we write without planning or knowing.  I pondered, at this moment what season of life it is that you might be in ? Where are you transitioning from and what are you transitioning to?

What if transition ceased, and you just continue to exist, imagine life being in a lifeless form;  imagine the transcending;  descending issues of life that would keep you somewhat encapsulated into a ball of nothingness, what does that life look like? You probably think that if you could hold a certain space and time that was the most dramatic moment, or the best memory of your experiences, those times that you don’t want to ever end would make life grand. It all sounds fantastic, but imagine living in that state as we are a people looking for reactive, spark filled lives, we would eventually find life boring. Just saying as it is my belief that we have to learn to appreciate the deficit’s of life in order to welcome and cherish the moments of increase or joy in our lives.

Imagine if life was like a ferris wheel and it continued to spin or turn and you couldn’t get off;  it was just a continuation of the same scenes over and over and over again. You would be so nauseated from the journey that you would plead for it to stop.  Although I think that you would want certain things to stop; like wanting the hurt to stop; you want the pain to stop; you want the financial deficits to stop; there are many things that I can imagine that one will want to stop,  but yet I believe that maybe,  just maybe some of those things are positioned that we may be strengthened; that we may be appreciative;  that we may be humbled.  I’m not real sure on how life would exist without transition, but I am sure that without the transitions life would not exist as it does now.

If you take time and think about it life is in contrast. Life gives you the reciprocation of what you are experiencing. If you are happy,  for example, you wouldn’t  know that you were happy,  unless you knew what sad was; if you have  pain you wouldn’t know what pain feels like unless you had experienced life without it;  if you never knew love you wouldn’t be able to understand or identify when it wasn’t present because you never experienced it, right?   You identify with that which you have experienced. Transitions.

I’m a firm believer that as we mature, as we get older, we get wiser (or should), we get understanding.  There are things that I can honestly say that I have learned through life and if it had not been for the experience, the past lessons, seeing life for all its growth moments, I may not be the person I have become.

My closing thoughts on this blog today is to hopefully impart something that’s going to open your hearts to receive understanding that transitions are the shadowed steps of life, beautifully and creatively positioning us in purpose, building our Faith with each transition.


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