Whose Will

In life we travel many roads. Just as the points of the compass leads us North, South, East, and West so does our existence. We are set to travel various paths, but are they chosen by us or predetermined by God? Are we given the right to chose? I mean we all are guilty ofContinue reading “Whose Will”

Communication Codes

There’s a language only understood by the family. A stranger or outside cannot interpret the communication because of the code. Researchers have studied to understand the number of languages and it varies between 5,000 and 7,000, all contingent on dialects. Our English  language is heard across the globe as a common communication form. When heard itContinue reading “Communication Codes”

Thought Life

Our position in life follows our thought life and represents the presence of activity within time. And within that space of time,  surrounding us, are interactive forces that we are capable of controlling. Its the lifeline, within our mouth, and it’s called the tongue. Author, Charles Capps, wrote about “The Tongue, A Creative Source,” heContinue reading “Thought Life”