The Bigger Picture

The lessons of life always have a bigger picture. Ever considered how everything starts out small like seeds, when planted, it grows into a larger intent of the designed purpose. Doesn’t matter if it’s good, bad, or ugly. Edible or non-edible everything starts by being planted. In thought, actions or words. God’s garden’s take true to form according to His word (speak life, power is in your tongue/mouth).

Although we tend to see things often times in the presence of now, there is always a bigger picture as each thing we do creates something. Everything created must have a start, that start is a seed that will bring to life the vision, the thought, an end goal.  Businesses start as a seed someone thought of with actions which can create fortune 500 companies.  Before conception a seed has to be planted for a baby to be born. The food that we enjoy every day came from the seed of something, yet it started out so small.  Everything comes from humble beginnings for it to become something great. Yet we tend to take situations and see them at face value. We don’t see the bigger picture. How many times have you heard comments like “it is what it is,”. Yet when we began to think that it is what it is we are no longer seeing the opportunities of it being more than what we see. Its just starting small or an opportunity for us to learn life’s lessons.

As we approach the end of 2017 and we set our sights on a New Year we often set in motion  New Year’s resolutions and we look at the big picture of what we want to achieve. I would ask that we consider the seed, small yet powerful and able to propel us towards the greater image of our thoughts and desires. Never stop watering your seed. It will become what you desire.

To all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Prepare your seed for planting, take action (water) get busy and watch it grow.

Published by rootedforpurpose

I am Toni Hollis. A seeker of positive living in all things. Creation is from our Creator who has given us POWER through our words. We are what we speak. Writing allows my energy to transcend towards you and it is my hope that the words deposit great benefits and rewards.

3 thoughts on “The Bigger Picture

  1. Each and every one of us started as a seed, within all of us are gifts and talents waiting to flourish into existence….are thoughts are our GREATEST setback!!! God created us all for GREATNESS regardless of where we begin.


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