Hidden Under the Makeup and the Mask

Inner wholeness, we seek it, we look in other places for it, and we often attempt to camouflaged it with an array of a color pallets. In our society we wear highlighters, refiners and colorizers along with concealers to give our outward appearance a foundation of inclusion. In this image boosting effort we make ourselves up to create beauty outside to be accepted by those we don’t know. Meanwhile in this selfie, public life post, waist trimmers, booty lifters, and botox era, we have become blinded to our natural beauty.

We have allowed our self reflection to be  flawed as we try to compare ourselves to images seen in magazines or in the media, which we know has been photo chopped to perfection, that no one can compare.  What has become of our society? What has happened where our images are determined through the lens of other people to the point that we are willing to die for acceptance ?

According to Forbes the cosmetic industry is a $445 billion (sales) industry.  This represents a lot of visits to MAC counters, Sephora,  NARS, or Urban Decay (Just to name a few).  Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look good, or smell good, but at what cost?  Especially if we are concealing the hurt, the abuse, the addiction or personal scars that we dont want to be exposed in public – we all have seen them, dealt with them or been them.

But ladies, we arent exclusive in this,  men wear their own make up as well by assessing their worth by what they earn, what they drive, and how they compare to the next man.  I mean let’s be real, everyone wears make up or a mask.  And to keep it all in perspective a mask is defined as a covering for all or part of the face that protects, hides, or decorates the person. While cosmetics (make up) such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance.  Commonality- Both block the natural characteristics and are temporary. Both can be removed.

There’s no way to know what type of encounters we will have with people. Once you meet a person, it’s always a moment where you step back and size them up, right. Come on ladies, you know we can read another lady quick, in one glance we have checked out her shoes, purse, outfit and her kitchen (you know, the nape of the neck) to see if she gets your  internal approval or show that green eye envy. And fellas, you can be more discreet,  as most sizing up is done when that primal question is asked that goes like this, “Where do you work or what kind of car do you drive?

Really…..you don’t say,  we have become  analyst. Analyzing value by what is seen on the outside, by what one drives, or by where they live.  Jilted by materialism and coefficients of socio-economic statuses.  And though I like to think not, it’s not deniable given the constant increase of public or social media bullying.

Let’s get back to the days of acceptance and learn to live by the truth, that we were all created in the image of God and that He has never made a mistake. Accept the skin you are in, accept that the real you is best received when a person sees all your scars; your life through all seasons and still can say, I love you. JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.




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I am Toni Hollis. A seeker of positive living in all things. Creation is from our Creator who has given us POWER through our words. We are what we speak. Writing allows my energy to transcend towards you and it is my hope that the words deposit great benefits and rewards.

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