We were intuitively built, with microfibers, of subconscious awareness that we often ignore. While some say, sixth sense or something told me, I say Holy Spirt, reveal truth.  The Holy Spirit takes on the role of Guide and Counselor, leading us in the way we should go and revealing God’s truth (Luke 12:12; 1 Corinthians 2:6–10).

Yet as believers this leap of faith to know that we can trust in His leading is difficult. And to be honest, walking by faith is no easy task. Many of us are from the “Show Me State,” we only believe in what we see. In our minds to walk by faith (Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, Hebrews 11:1) makes us gullible or unrealistic, right?  Afterall, who would believe us. We would begin to look like the little boy who cried wolf.  But we cannot be faulted on the instruction we were taught as children. We may feel this way because we have been disappointed by someone we trusted. Someone we loved. Someone we just knew would have our backs, but our trust too many times ended in disappointment.  Then that same belief becomes difficult to transfer in the spiritual realm. Guilty by association. We are representative of the fabric we are familiar with, the tapestry of our experiences.

Imagine, you ask God to reveal truth to you about a relationship or friendship that you have been feeling something isnt right and should be released, but you ignore those promptings because your experience has been that this is what happens when, and surely we don’t want to be perceived as “carrying baggage”  from our past.  Or say, you seek Him for guidance because there’s an offense you have and unforgiveness has taken root.  Then you feel that prompting again and He says go ask for forgiveness. Immediately defenses go up, like what ??!!, it wasn’t my fault, why must I ask for forgiveness. Truth again, yet forgiveness is never about the perpetrator, but removing that yoke of offense from us that when left unchanelled can and will block our ability to receive.

Yes, it’s difficult , but we must remember, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6).  When we follow Him, there’s always victory.  Let God direct you, allow him to show you truth, His Truth, because what I have come to know is that without His Truth we fall to the schemes and devices of untruth.  Leading a life that was never intended for us. Start today to get to that place of hearing, knowing and believing that, yes, the Truth does set you free to live in peace and joy.

Published by rootedforpurpose

I am Toni Hollis. A seeker of positive living in all things. Creation is from our Creator who has given us POWER through our words. We are what we speak. Writing allows my energy to transcend towards you and it is my hope that the words deposit great benefits and rewards.

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